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Monday, February 8, 2016

Too Out Of Shape For Virtual Reality (VR)

I'm Too Out of Shape for Virtual Reality

For the first time in my life, physical fitness matters for playing video games.

Sean Buckley | February 4, 2016

My knees and thighs ached. If my left shoulder moved more than half a foot out of its neutral position, it lit on fire. Breathing deeply made my back seize with stabbing waves of pain. My pride was hurt most of all. My physical ailments weren't the result of visiting the gym or training for a marathon -- they were the fallout of one afternoon of playing full-body virtual reality video games. Holy crap, am I out of shape.
I've always known that my sedentary lifestyle was killing me, but I never thought it would keep me from playing video games. Valve's SteamVR Developer Showcase proved otherwise, albeit unintentionally. Virtual reality is wholly unlike the so-called "active" games of the last decade.


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