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Monday, February 29, 2016

Kids' Search: Just Kiddle It

Just 'Kiddle' it: Child-friendly search engine uses humans to weed out adult content - but not all racy images are blocked

Kiddle is a website using Google's 'safe search' mode and editors. Results are filtered so 'safe' sites are shown and descriptions are simple. But users have spotted occasional racy images and inappropriate listings. The word 'gay' is blocked and a user said it was listed as 'bad word'

Sarah Griffiths | February 29, 2016

The internet may make homework a breeze for youngsters, but many parents worry their children may stumble across something inappropriate when searching online.
In a bid to solve this problem, a new search engine for children has launched called Kiddle.
Results are filtered so only 'safe' sites are shown and descriptions are written in simple language.
But it may not be as safe as it seems after tests reveal the occasional racy image can slip through the net, while searches containing 'bad words' are blocked - controversially including the word 'gay'.



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