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Monday, February 22, 2016

Robotics For The Laundry: Ironing Clothes

Hate Ironing? Meet the Robot with Built-In 'Wrinkle Analysis' That Can Do It for You (+Video)

Ironing has proved difficult for robots as it involves precision movements. Now, scientists have developed a robot that can flawlessly iron clothes. The robot uses two Xbox Kinect motion sensors to map out the garment. A 'wrinkle analysis algorithm' then ensures creases are targeted. 

Daniel Bates | February 19, 2016

Such was the achievement that the researchers came up with the name 'dynamic ironing' for when the robot was moving.
Ironing has proved difficult for robot researchers to crack as it involves a lot of precision movements
The team from the University of Columbia admitted as much in their paper and said that they found it a 'very challenging task'.
They managed it using two Xbox Kinect motion sensors which allowed the robot iron to map out the garment before starting work using two special scans.


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