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Friday, February 12, 2016

Three Short Takes

#1 - Tiko Could Be a $179 3D Printer for Everyone

Gregory Han | April 17, 2015

<See original story at: and look at the later Tiko story at: (Tiko 3D Printer: Frequently Asked Questions, February 8, 2016)>

$179. For the same amount one can buy a Moto 360 smartwatch, a budget smartphone, or an expensive clickety-clack mechanical keyboard. Or you could dip your toes into the world of 3D modeling and print your very own designs with the Tiko, an upstart compact 3D printer unveiled at SXSW which brings the formerly cost-prohibitive technology well into the realm of the design student, hobbyist, or exploratory design professional.

Tiko FAQ

#2 - Carvey: The Desktop 3D Carving Machine

Colin Jeffrey | October 21, 2014

<See original story at: and later story at: (Carvey: Make Your Mark. December 2015)>

Design software can be complicated. That's why we've built Easel®, a free web application that works seamlessly with Carvey. Design in 2D and view in 3D, instantly. Create a design from scratch, import an existing design you've made, or get started quickly from our library of projects that other Easel users have created and shared.
Easel runs in the browser and connects to Carvey with USB. If you already have a favorite carving software, Carvey will work with that too.


#3 - E-Waste 3D Printer Created For Less Than $100 Using Old PC Parts

Julian Horsey | Decenber 12,  2014

<See original story at: and note related story at: (ScrapRap, The $50 DIY 3D Printer Made From Electronic Scraps. June 2, 2015)>

Fancy building your own low-budget 3D printer for less than $100? If you do then you might be interested in this innovative and unique E-Waste 3D printer that has been built out of recycled electronic components.
The components required to build this E-Waste 3D printer include two standard CD or DVD drives from an old PC together with a floppy disk drive to provide the mechanics for the X, Y and Z axes.

E-Waste 3D Printer

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