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Monday, February 22, 2016

Recognize Any Object You Point Blippar At

Blippar’s New Augmented Reality App Is Supposed to Recognize Any Object You Point It At (+Video)

Lauren Goode | February 17, 2016

Augmented reality app Blippar has been around since 2011, but until recently it focused mostly on advertising and content for brands: Point your Blippar smartphone app at a bold “B” embossed on the pages of a magazine or a bottle of ketchup and more information would pop out on your phone’s display.
But it’s safe to say that augmented reality is coming into a new phase: The contextual information being supplied is getting smarter, and people are gradually becoming more aware of the capabilities of AR and virtual reality (some are even excited to wear headsets, if you can believe it). So Blippar, in an effort to evolve along with the rest of the AR world, has just launched a new version of its smartphone app that is supposed to recognize literally any object you point at it — whether it has been “tagged” with an AR code or not.


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