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Monday, February 8, 2016

A New Engine For Air And Space Travel

How a New Engine Could Revolutionize Air and Space Travel (+Video)

​The RTR turborocket combines the best of both rockets and jets to enable faster, higher flying aircraft.

Michael Belfiore | February 2, 2016

Ever since the Concorde was put out to pasture, supersonic travel has remained out of reach for commercial air passengers. And while SpaceX and Blue Origin are showing re-usable rocket boosters are possible, actually putting anything in orbit still remains a very, very expensive proposition.
But all that could change, thanks to a small team of engineers in Huntsville, Alabama, who have revealed a vision for a new type of engine that combines the speed of rockets with the gas mileage of jets in a single package. Led by aerospace and mechanical engineer John Bossard at BSRD LLC, the team has built and tested a rocket engine of Bossard's design that he calls a "turborocket." 


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