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Thursday, February 18, 2016

3D Printing Censorship

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Files Amicus Brief in 3D Printing Censorship Case

Dean Weingarten | December 21, 2015

The Obama administration is using the International Traffic in Arms Regulations to censor publication of information on the Internet.   The department ordered Defense Distributed to take down files for 3D printing of a simple single shot handgun on a website  owned by Defense Distributed.   Cody Wilson is widely considered to have been the inventor of the 3D printed pistol.
Defense Distributed joined with the Second Amendment Foundation to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration State Department for violation of their First, Second, and Fifth Amendment rights.    The case is Defense Distributed v. U.S. Department of State.  The case was filed on 5 May, 2015.

Cody Wilson.
Cody Wilson and 3D printed gun. Source:

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