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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets Could Do Away With Traditional Monitors

This New Augmented Reality Device Could Render Our External Monitors Obsolete

Meta unveils a novel and incredible augmented reality headset that could one day render our monitors useless. | February 21, 2016

Meta, a Redwood City-based tech company just unveiled their latest Augmented Reality (AR) glasses live on TED in Vancouver, and it’s pretty impressive.
The technology is anchored on the idea that the user should be the operating system, thus creating a more interactive platform and hopefully lowering the learning curve required to use it. This gives users a way to create a more natural method of interaction between digital information and user’s real, natural environment.
Admittedly, their concept is a far cry from our long-standing method of computer interaction, where people are found operating the machine behind computer screens. But as far as Meron Gribetz, CEO of Meta, is concerned, “we’re all going to be throwing away our external monitors.”


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