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Thursday, February 11, 2016

3D Printed Books Let Blind Children Feel The Narrative

3D-Printed Picture Books Let Blind Children Feel the Narrative

2D graphics have been reworked into tangible 3D creations

Eva Recinos | February 9, 2016

Amongst its many uses, 3D printing has emerged as the ideal method for creating objects that might help the blind or visually impaired perceive objects in a new way. 3D printing, for example, has made it possible for visually impaired art lovers to access art. Another possible use: creating new ways for children to experience stories. Computer Science professor Tom Yeh, at the University of Colorado at Boulder, worked with students to create the Tactile Picture Books Project.

3D Printed Paintings For The Blind
A new way to make art more accessible for the visually impaired. Source:

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