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Thursday, February 18, 2016

SWIM: Making Sound Waves Visible

Step 1: Imprint invisible sound and radio waves onto your retina: Augmented reality with perfect alignment

Instructables | February 16, 2016

With the S.W.I.M. (Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine) you can see otherwise invisible sound waves and radio waves, imprinted onto your retina, onto photographic media, or eyeglass/camera.
This is due to something I call Phenomenological or Phenomenal Augmented Reality, i.e. the AR (Augmented Reality) of physical phenomena.
A unique feature of Phenomenal Augmented Reality is that the alignment (registration) between the direct view and the overlaid information is near-perfect, because the alignment happens naturally, in the feedback loop of the process. In this sense SWIM is a Natural User Interface.



<more at; related links: (Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine, PHENOMENAugmented Reality Wand, Steve Mann, 1974. S.W.I.M. is a wearable computer for shared augmented reality experiences that don't require the additional participants to wear any special apparatus. April 2015) and (Steve Mann: 40 Years of Inventing Wearable HDR and Augmented Reality. October 2015)>

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