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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Microsoft Offers Custom, Modular Computers

Microsoft Patents a Modular PC with Stackable Components

Jordan Novel | February 13, 2016

Microsoft has patented a “modular computing device” that would enable people to put together the exact PC components they want, allowing for replacement of certain parts rather than forcing people to buy entire new computers when they want upgrades.
Microsoft applied for the patent in July 2015, and it was published earlier this week, on February 11. One of the patent’s authors, Tim Escolin, is a senior industrial designer on Microsoft’s Surface devices and accessories team.

Last week, Microsoft was given an award for its new-patented modular PC system. This system allows you to create a custom PC with ease and precision. The basis for each custom computer is called the Reyo Build and it is most similar to an Intel NUC. The way Microsoft allows the computer to be customized to the customer’s needs is by stacking additional units. For instance, if an interested buyer wanted more memory they would add an additional hard drive. If the interested buyer wanted louder speakers to watch movies, they would add another powered speaker. Source:

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