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Friday, February 12, 2016

Google Building Standalone Virtual Reality (VR) Headset

Google Is Reportedly Building A Standalone VR Headset Not Powered By A PC Or Smartphone (+Video)

Lucas Matney | February 11, 2016

Google may be preparing a consumer virtual reality headset for a release as early as this year that defies existing categorizations and doesn’t rely on a PC or mobile phone as the central brain, the WSJ reports.
Rumors have been bubbling up on the company’s VR hardware ambitions over the last few weeks. The Financial Times reported a few days ago that Google would be releasing a mobile-based Samsung Gear VR competitor in the near-future, possibly at Google I/O in May.
The WSJ report today suggests that Google will be building this untethered headset utilizing “high-powered” chips from Movidius that will power the device and its associated head-tracking technology made possible by external cameras.

Google serious about VR, plans to release stand-alone VR headset. There is no clear timing yet as to when this stand-alone viewer will be released. That said, Google is planning to release a more advanced version of Google Cardboard in its developer conference in May. The new Cardboard could have its own system and sensors, sources say. Source:

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  1. In terms of the technology itself, you can’t wear the headsets for very long or you will start to get a headache (or even motion sickness). The standard advice is that you should take the headset off every 10 minutes, but this won’t lead to consumers investing much into the app experience. 

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  2. This is an area that manufacturers are investigating and hoping to change. We saw with 3D Glasses that user tolerance varies considerably. Thanks for your comments.

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