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Monday, February 15, 2016

Lumberyard: New Amazon Game Engine (Free)

Amazon Gets in on Gaming with Lumberyard, a Free engine to Rival Unreal and Unity (+Video)

Kristofer Wouk | February 9, 2016

Over the past few years, Amazon has been acquiring a number of companies and technologies relating to video games. In 2014 the company acquired both Killer Instinct developer Helix Games and game live-streaming service Twitch. Now the reasoning behind that seems to make much more sense, as the company has revealed its own game engine designed to compete with Unreal Engine and Unity.
The engine, dubbed Amazon Lumberyard, was announced today by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is available to developers for free. In addition to the standard features of a 3D game engine, it also features built-in Twitch integration. Alongside Lumberyard, the company also announced GameLift, a service to help developers scale servers for multiplayer games up and down depending on how many people are playing at a given time.

Source is Amazon Web Services Lumberyard page

<more at; related links: (Inside Amazon’s decision to make a video game engine. February 12, 2016) and!4422!3!88060400562!e!!g!!amazon%20lumberyard&ef_id=VfgoAQAAAeo1Brpn:20160215163038:s (Amazon Lumberyard is a free AAA game engine deeply integrated
with AWS and Twitch – with full source) and >

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