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Monday, February 15, 2016

3D Full Color Printing On The "Cheap"

How to 3D Print in Full Color: DIY Style (+Video)

Tyler Koslow | Februray 11, 2016

From Taiwan to Ireland, 3D printing enthusiasts around the world are preparing for the next big thing in additive manufacturing: full color 3D printing. 3D printing companies such as 3D Systems previously dominated the full color 3D printing race with the ColorJet Printing, but their hefty price tag of around $40k is discouraging for your average Maker and 3D printing enthusiasts. One user from named Jason Powell has just come up with a DIY path to bring full-color 3D printing to his redesigned Rostock Max, the popular delta 3D printer with a mere $1,000 price tag, making for a much more affordable color printer than any other company on the market.


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