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Friday, February 26, 2016

Hacking ATMs

Malware and Skimmers, Explosions and Hammers: How Attackers Go After ATMs

Survey, YouTube offer proof that people are blowing up ATMs to get the cash inside.

Megan Geuss | February 25, 2016

What was the best way to steal cash from an ATM in 2015? Skimming still remains king, but a survey of 87 members of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) says that card trapping and transaction reversal fraud are on the rise around the world.
In November 2015, ATMIA internally published a survey (PDF) describing the state of ATM hacking in the previous year, from how ATMs were attacked to how much money was lost from the attacks. The results showed that ATM operators were wising up to skimming operations, in which devices are placed in or on the ATM to capture card information so the skimmer can reuse the card numbers later. This caused "a deflection of crime from traditional electronic skimming towards more physical and less sophisticated forms of attack, especially card trapping and Transaction Reversal Fraud.”

More One of the cash machines allegedly blown up by a gang that was arrested for 30 ATM blasts. Source:

<more at; related articles: (+Video) (Watch: Dramatic moment Merseyside hole-in-the-wall gang blow up cash machines using 'gas bombs'. January 28, 2015) and (Dramatic moment ATM raiders used flammable gas to BLOW UP cash machines and escape with £81,000. Benjamin Barrett and Russel Bennett carried out raids around south Wales. They attacked ATMs with crow bars before pumping gas inside machines. Flash then seen as security doors are blown off ATMs in south Wales. Barrett, 30, and Bennett, 21, both from Bristol, jailed for burglary and conspiracy to cause explosion. April 30, 2015)>

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