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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?

How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn?

Zhai Yun Tan | February 8, 2016

Take a look at this question: How do modern novels represent the characteristics of humanity?
If you were tasked with answering it, what would your first step be? Would you scribble down your thoughts — or would you Google it?
Terry Heick, a former English teacher in Kentucky, had a surprising revelation when his eighth- and ninth-grade students quickly turned to Google.
“What they would do is they would start Googling the question, ‘How does a novel represent humanity?’ ” Heick says. “That was a real eye-opener to me.”
For those of us who grew up with search engines, especially Google, at our fingertips — looking at all of you millennials and post-millennials — this might seem intuitive. We grew up having our questions instantly answered as long as we had access to the Internet.
Now, with the advent of personal assistants like Siri and Google Now that aim to serve up information before you even know you need it, you don’t even need to type the questions. Just say the words and you’ll have your answer.


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