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Friday, February 5, 2016

Six Degrees Of Separation

Facbook Busts “Six Degrees of Separation” Myth

Chris Scott Barr | February 4, 2016

Everyone knows about the 6 degrees of separation (or of Kevin Bacon). The idea is that you can take any two people in the world, and connect them through no more than six total acquaintances. Well, the website that knows more about your friends than you do seems to think we're all a lot closer that we previously thought.
Today is “Friends Day.” If you're not familiar with the made-up holiday, then you're not the only one. Facebook just recently made this holiday up, to celebrate 12 years of people saying “I don't really care enough to say anything, so here's a thumbs-up.” Part of their celebration includes debunking the six degrees of separation.


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