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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fitbit Now A Requirement At Some Universities

Oklahoma Christian University Makes Fitbits Mandatory for Its Students and Makes Them Record Their Activity for a Grade

Oral Roberts University in Tulsa is requiring freshman wear Fitbit watches. The Christian university has always required a fitness component. Students must record their daily aerobic exercise into a journal for a grade, but now the Fitbit fitness tracker will be able to do that automatically. Freshmen are the only students required to buy the $150 Fitbits, but all students enrolled at the university are encouraged to partake.   

Kalhan Rosenblatt | February 1, 2016

A university in Oklahoma is requiring all of its incoming freshmen wear fitness trackers.
Oral Roberts University, a Christian university in Tulsa, Oklahoma, announced that all first-year students must buy and wear Fitbits, which are watches that track how much activity a person does. 
The university has always included a fitness component for its students, in which they're required to manually log aerobics points in a fitness journal.
Students are given a grade based on their level of aerobic activity.  

Incoming freshmen at Oral Roberts University will be required to wear a Fitbit that will track their exercise habits, sleep, and weight, then send that information to the school. And it isn’t just about shame and surveillance for their own sakes—students will be graded on their work. Source:; related links: (University Issues Mandatory Fitbits to Track Students' Weight, Exercise Habits. February 1, 2016) and (Oklahoma university requires freshmen to wear Fitbit, track 10K steps per day. January 11, 2016)>

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