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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

EpiBone: Using 3D Scans, Your Cells, And A Custom "Mold" To Grow New Bone For Your Body

This Woman's Revolutionary Startup Could Change 900,000 Surgeries A Year

Erin Brodwin | November 11, 2014

If you've ever broken a bone, you know the process to recovery is slow and painful.
Now imagine neither splint nor surgery were enough to seal the fracture. Instead, your doctor says you need a bone graft, a procedure that involves taking bone from elsewhere to fill the gap created by your injury.
You have a choice: Allow a surgeon to cut bone from another place in your body or get some new bone from a dead person. Both are risky: Bone from another body can carry disease, so doctors have to be careful about screening donors. Grafts from your own body can still be rejected and cause a painful infection or in more serious cases lead to nerve damage.


<more at (Epibone website) and (+Video) (Messing with nature: this is the cutting edge of biohacking. Top Shelf: we're all cyborgs now. December 23, 2014)>

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