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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Windows Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

Windows Apps in Virtual Reality: Envelop VR Unveils 3D ‘Immersive Computing Platform’

Taylor Soper | August 4, 2016

Interacting with “flat” screens to get work done, check email, surf social media, shop online, and watch YouTube videos may be a thing of the past if one Seattle-area startup has its way.
Envelop VR today unveiled its first product, Envelop for Windows, an “immersive computing platform” that creates a virtual Windows desktop for using applications with a virtual reality headset.
The technology creates a virtual environment that allow users to interact with infinite monitors inside a 3D space. You can open multiple windows, adjust their sizes, and place them anywhere you’d like.

[Click to Enlarge] "Envelop runs any Windows application in our immersive, virtual environment. This means that all of your existing software now works in VR, providing access to more content, greater usage and better productivity while in a VR headset. You'll also have individual control over each window's size and location within the 3D space, so you can customize your computing experience based on your own specific preferences." Source:
"Envelop VR says virtual reality enables infinite screens." Source:
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