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Friday, August 12, 2016

Augmented Reality (AR) Website By Disney And Google

Disney and Google Built an Augmented Reality Website For Pete’s Dragon Movie

Disney continues its push to use virtual reality and augmented reality marketing.

Jonathan Vanian | August 11, 2016

Disney really wants families to watch its upcoming Pete’s Dragon remake and is turning to both virtual reality and augmented reality to help promote it.
The entertainment giant released Thursday a special promotional website for the film that it built with Google [...] and the advertising technology company MediaMonks.
The website, which requires an iOS or Android smartphone to use, was built to use Google’s recently released image recognition tool called the Google Cloud Vision API.

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(The Pete’s Dragon AR game is the best exercise in dragon spotting. It's promoting the remake of the 1977 classic. August 11, 2016) Source:

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