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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

China's Launch Of A Quantum Satellite

China's Launch of Quantum Satellite Major Step in Space Race

Nomaan Merchant | August 16, 2016

China's launch of the first quantum satellite Tuesday will push forward efforts to develop the ability to send communications that can't be penetrated by hackers, experts said.
The satellite launched into space from the Jiuquan launch base in northwestern China's Gobi desert will allow Chinese researchers to transmit test messages between Beijing and northwestern China as well as other locations around the world.
If the tests are successful, China will take a major step toward building a worldwide network that can send messages that can't be wiretapped or cracked through conventional methods.

(China Nears Launch Of Its “Hack-Proof” Quantum Satellite. July 9, 2016) Source:
(China launches first-ever quantum communication satellite. August 16, 2016) Source:

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