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Monday, August 8, 2016

Instead Of Pills

No More Pills? Tiny Nerve-Zapping Implants to Fight Disease (+Video)

Shelly Fan | August 7, 2016

Imagine a future where we can treat diabetes or autoimmune disorders with an electrical zap delivered by a device no larger than a speck of dust.
The device, implanted through microsurgery, sits silently on a single nerve bundle, monitoring electrical signals sent out by the brain to itself and various organs in the body.
When it detects a problem — a rogue misfire, or a shift in activity patterns — the device powers up, sending out counter-pulses to correct the signal. In this way, it keeps your body running smoothly and disease at bay. No pills. No injections. No pain.

[Click on link for video.] Source:
[Click on link for video.] (This real-life cyborg has an antenna implanted into his skull. February 10, 2015) Source:

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