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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Bring Agriculture Into The 21st Century

Prospera Wants to Use AI to Bring Agriculture into the 21st Century

Lulu Chang | July 31, 2016

Agriculture is about to get a healthy injection of AI. Thanks to machine learning company Prospera, one of man’s oldest practices will be made new by way of Propsera’s AI based solutions. By applying techniques in deep learning, computer vision, and data science, the Tel Aviv-based firm hopes to transform farming “from an intuition-based practice to an optimized data-based practice.”
Prospera uses in-field cameras and climatic sensors to create what the company claims is “uniquely accurate remote agronomy and management solutions” for farmers across the globe.

(Prospera raises $7 million for A.I.-based farming. July 26, 2016) Source;

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