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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

GPS Under Attack

GPS Under Attack as Crooks, Rogue Workers Wage Electronic War

Mike Brunker | August 8, 2016

Once the province of hostile nations, electronic warfare has arrived with little fanfare on U.S. highways and byways.
Criminals, rogue employees and even otherwise law-abiding citizens are using illegal "jamming" devices to overpower GPS, cellphone and other electronic signals over localized areas. The devices are small and mobile — a common variety plugs into a vehicle's cigarette lighter — making it difficult for law enforcement to identify the culprits.
And experts say the threat to the Global Positioning System (GPS) — the critical space-based navigational, positional and timing network — is escalating as potentially more destructive "spoofing" devices become readily available.

"A sophisticated eight-antenna jamming device built into a suitcase. One such "serious kit" was recently used by crooks smuggling drugs from Germany into the U.K. to knock out a variety of communications signals." Source:
"Mini GPS jammer for Car, $18.00." Source:

<more at;; related articles and links: (GPS jammers recovered from cargo thieves, says FreightWatch. Supply chain security firm noted law enforcement has recovered four such devices in last 14 months. September 28, 2015) and (Telematics hacking: Three things you need to know. Jamming and spoofing may be your greatest threats. September 3, 2015)>

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