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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Truck Driving Jobs Threatened By Autonomous Trucks

1.8 Million American Truck Drivers Could Lose Their Jobs to Robots. What Then?

One of the last well-paying working-class jobs is basically doomed.

David Roberts | August 3, 2016

So far, discussion of self-driving cars has mostly confined itself to tech geeks and urbanists. But if they live up to their promise, autonomous vehicles could have seismic effects on America’s economy and culture. It’s probably time for a wider circle of participants, including economists, politicians, and social scientists, to start grappling seriously with what’s coming.
Let’s take just one example: long-haul trucking.

"Mercedes builds a self-driving truck. May 8, 2016" Source:

"Eyes on the road: This graphic shows where the different driving and sensing devices will be on the truck." Source:

"Looking ahead: The above diagram shows how the truck's radar and cameras will scan the road>" Source:

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