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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hacking As A Spectator Sport

With the Drama But Not the Bruises, Hacking Becomes a Spectator Sport

DARPA staged the world's first live computer-versus-computer hacking competition in which teams battled for a multimillion dollar purse in front of thousands of cheering fans in Las Vegas.

Sara Sorcher and Jeff Stone | August 5, 2016

Welcome to the future of hacking, where machines are the stars and the humans are in the audience.
The night before the DEF CON hacker conference began here, seven supercomputers went head-to-head in a kind of Olympics for cybersecurity. The Cyber Grand Challenge, sponsored by the military’s futuristic research arm – the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – was the world’s first all-machine hacking tournament.
"Cybercasters" who channeled Monday Night Football announcers delivered the play-by-play commentary for the crowd of 5,000 spectators. 

Cyber Grand Challenge, Las Vegas. Source:
"“Mayhem” Declared Preliminary Winner of Historic Cyber Grand Challenge. Automated system outperforms competing machines in high-stakes final event aimed at revolutionizing software vulnerability detection and patching." Source:

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