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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The "Bloated" Web

Bloated Web: One Article Shouldn’t Need 55 Pages of Code to Show Up on Your Phone

Frédéric Filloux | August 16, 2016

When reading this 800-word Guardian story—about half a page of text long—our web browser loads the equivalent of 55 pages of HTML code—almost half a million characters. To be precise: an article of 757 words (4667 characters and spaces), requires 485,527 characters of code:

Put another way, “useful” text (the human-readable article) weighs less than one percent (0.96%) of the underlying browser code. The rest consists of links (more than 600) and scripts of all types (120 references), related to trackers, advertising objects, analytics, etc.

[Click on link for video] Source:

<more at; related articles and length: (Web Page Sizes: A (Not So) Brief History of Page Size through 2015. August 17, 2015) and (+Video) (The Website Obesity Crisis. October 29, 2015)>

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