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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Onion Omega2: Computer Smaller Than The Raspberry Pi

This Tiny Computer Is a Quarter the Size of Raspberry Pi

Just as cheap, but not as powerful

Lewis Leong | August 15, 2016

Hackers and tinkerers, rejoice! There's another single-board computer for you to build your next project with besides Raspberry Pi.
Called the Onion Omega2, this full-fledged Linux computer will only set you back $5 (about £4, AU$7).
But what would you even do with a cheap, ultra-small computer like this?
Onion positions the Omega2 as a computer for the Internet of Things (IoT), meaning you can turn just about anything into an internet-connected device. Want to create your own retro games console, network attached storage or security camera?

[Click on link for video] (Omega2: $5 Linux Computer with Wi-Fi, Made for IoT) Source:

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