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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Converting Your Old Analog (Film) Camera To Digital

Bring Analog Cameras to the Digital Age with 3D Printed 'I'm Back' Raspberry Pi Case

Alec | August 10, 2016

Either you or your parents definitely have one laying around in a box somewhere: one of those cool, old-fashioned analog Kodak or Nikon cameras that rely on endless rolls of film. It seems almost impossible to imagine now, but taking a photo was so much more difficult just two decades ago. Thanks to a new Kickstarter project, even those old cameras can take digital photos. It’s called the ‘I'm Back’ case, and essentially involves a 3D printed case carrying Raspberry Pi. The classic camera is simply slotted into place, and can suddenly take photos that are digitally stored.
It’s a truly remarkable project that bridges the gap between two different technological ages, and even takes very nice photos as well. 

(I'm Back. Raspberry Pi unique Case for your Analog Cameras.) Source:
(Bring analog cameras to the digital age with 3D printed 'I'm Back' Raspberry Pi case. August 10, 2016)  Source:

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