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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Photosynthetic Solar Cell: "Artificial Leaf" That Can Make Fuel From Sunlight And CO2

Artificial Leaf That Produces Fuel From CO2 And Sunlight

Himanshu Goenka | August 1, 2016

Conversations about the state of the planet’s climate are often dire and mostly negative, given the human-induced changes to it and the seeming inability to even control the degradation, let alone turn the clock back. And so, it should be cause for cheer that scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have created a solar cell that converts atmospheric carbon dioxide into a usable fuel.
“The new solar cell is not photovoltaic — it’s photosynthetic,” Amin Salehi-Khojin, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at UIC, said. 

"Simulated sunlight powers a solar cell that converts atmospheric carbon dioxide directly into syngas." Source:
(Biomass + Carbon Capture Could Drastically Reduce Pollution, Making ‘Carbon Negative’ Power System A Possibility By 2050 In Western US, New Research Finds. April 9, 2015) Source:

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