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Monday, August 8, 2016

Athletes More Like Robots?

Human Athletes Are Using Training Technology from the Future to Become More Like Robots (+Video)

Daniel Chao | August 7, 2016

In an age when athletes have access to more advanced training techniques than ever before, the landscape of sports is entering a new realm. Today, it is not enough for an athlete to simply possess superior strength or talent. To rise above the competition, the modern athlete must train intelligently and use the most innovative techniques to outfox opponents. And technology can help with that.

Bicycles made of bamboo
Veit Senner and colleagues at the Technical University of Munich are working to further optimise modern bicycle frames. One goal is to improve the safety of mountain bikes by subjecting carbon-composite frames to brutal treatment in the lab. Researchers use infrared, ultrasonic and X-ray imaging to observe how layers of carbon within the frame separate on impact – something that cannot be seen from the surface.

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"A key element of the quadrennial UEFA European Championship, or EURO, is the ball, which has been designed by Adidas since 1972. It’s always a major marketing success: in 2012 more than 7 million were sold. The ball, however, is not just a marketing product but also a high-tech object. While the 1972 version was made of leather, the modern ones contain various sophisticated materials." Source:

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