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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Record Subscriber Losses In The Pay TV Market

Pay TV Providers Post Record Subscriber Losses (+Video)

The cable, satellite and telecom pay TV industry lost at least 665,000 subscribers in the second quarter of this year, more net losses than any previous quarter

David Katzmaier | August 16, 2016

As cord cutters binge, pay TV purges.
Cable, satellite and telecom pay TV providers lost more subscribers last quarter than ever, according to a report on Monday from Leitchman Research.
"The top pay-TV providers lost about 665,000 subscribers in the traditionally weak second quarter, with net losses in 2Q 2016 surpassing the previous quarterly low set in last year's second quarter," said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, Inc, in a statement.
The report breaks down the three groups of companies by net subscriber loss, and AT&T's U-verse came out the biggest loser, shedding 391,000 subscribers. That's more than half of the whole industry's total losses last quarter. The telecom giant has downplayed U-verse in favor of DirectTV since it acquired the satellite TV service last year, offering incentives like wireless bundles. DirecTV added 342,000 subscribers in the second quarter, its largest since 2009.
The top six cable companies lost about 225,000 video subscribers in 2Q 2016 -- compared to a loss of about 340,000 subscribers in 2Q 2015
Top cable MSOs [Multiple System Operators] losses were the fewest in any second quarter since 2006
Satellite TV providers added 61,000 subscribers in 2Q 2016 (including gains from Sling TV) -- compared to a loss of 214,000 in 2Q 2015
DirecTV's net adds of 342,000 in 2Q 2016 were more than in any quarter since 1Q 2009
The top phone providers lost about 500,000 video subscribers in 2Q 2016 -- compared to a gain of about 10,000 subscribers in 2Q 2015
AT&T U-verse's 391,000 net losses in 2Q 2016 were the most losses ever in a quarter by any provider (for the second consecutive quarter)

(Traditional pay-TV loses even more ground to cord cutters. May 16, 2016) Source:
(Pay TV providers post record subscriber losses. August 16, 2016) Source:

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