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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DuoSkin: Temporary Metallic Tattoos Are Remote Controls

New Temporary Tattoo Turns Skin into a Remote Control

Ryan Bushey | August 15, 2016

MIT in conjunction with Microsoft researchers have designed a temporary, multi-functional tattoo called “DuoSkin” that can turn the wearer’s skin into the ultimate wearable device.
The product was manufactured through three steps, according to MIT’s website: crafting the skin circuitry through a graphic design program, fabricating stencils of the circuitry followed by applying an electrically conductive gold lead material to the outline, which concludes with incorporating electronic components into the tattoo so it can be interactive.
A paper published by the researchers examined three different ways the metallic tattoo could be used.

"A DuoSkin touch-slider tattoo uses gold and silver leaf." Source:
[Click on link for video] Source:

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