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Monday, August 8, 2016

Age 5 Is Too Late To Start School

Age 5 Is Too Late: Public Schools Must Focus on Early Learning

Maryanne J. Kane | August 7, 2016

[...] Scientific research into brain development and the optimal learning window from zero to age 5 is conclusive. The quality of care and experiences during the early years of life literally sets the stage for all future interactions and ability to learn. I don’t want to say after age 5, it’s all downhill, but the quality of care and experiences before age 5 determines if the child will have an up-hill battle or a smooth road entering school.

An expanding raft of scientific and economic research underscores the need to significantly expand quality early learning in the first five years of life… Early childhood education can no longer be seen as just an entitlement or work support for parents in need but as a critical component of education reform, a necessary long-term investment in the nation's future economic success. 
Source: [quoted from Literacy Begins at Birth by Cornelia Grumman, see:

"Early literacy is a component of early learning, and is specifically what children know about communication and language before they are able to read and write." (Whatcom View: Library offers early literacy tools for parents. September 16, 2015) Source:

<more at; related articles and links: (Start schooling later than age five, say experts. Formal schooling should be delayed until the age of six or seven because early education is causing “profound damage” to children, an influential lobby of almost 130 experts warns. September 11, 2013) and (Condition of Children Birth to Age Five and Status of Early Childhood Services in California. American Institutes for Research. August 2012)>

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