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Thursday, August 11, 2016

How Your Computer Monitor Can Be Hacked

How Your Computer Monitor Could Be Hacked To Spy On You

Swati Khandelwal | August 9, 2016

Just stop believing everything you see on your screen, as it turns out that even your computer monitor can be hacked.
You have seen hackers targeting your computer, smartphone, and tablet, but now, it has been proved that they can even compromise your monitor and turn them against by just changing the pixels displayed on the screen.
Although changing pixels is really hard and complicated, a team of security researchers at this year’s DEF CON says that it is not impossible.

In one example, the team even demonstrated the ability to change PayPal balance from $0 to $1,000,000,000.
So, hackers do not require to infect your computer with a ransomware infection. If they can hack your monitor, they can manipulate the pixels to display a ransomware message permanently on your screen, demanding payment to remove the message.
This could be a new strain of computer-based Ransoming.

[Click on link for video] "Privacy Monitor Hack" Source:
[Click on link for video] "You are all well aware that your computer, tablet, and smartphone can be hacked… but have you ever wondered if someone is trying to compromise your monitor? It’s just a dumb display, isn’t it? I mean, all it does is sit there and light up pixels wherever your computer tells it to… right? The unfortunate truth is that monitors are smarter than we generally think they are, and that makes them a perfect target for hackers. And Cui is the lead scientist at Red Balloon Security, and he led the team that made this frightening discovery." (Here's Why You Should Care About Your Monitor Being Hacked. Published August 8, 2016) Source:

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