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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

FCC Urged To Rethink Its Plans For TV Set-Top Box

Copyright Office Urges FCC To Rethink Set-Top Plans

The US Copyright Office suggested the FCC "refine its approach" to avoid conflicts with copyright law.

Stephanie Mlot | August 8, 2016

The US Copyright Office is urging the Federal Communications Commission to rethink its proposal to unlock set-top boxes so any company can build them.
Following the cable industry's lead, USCO Director Maria Pallante recently penned a letter suggesting the FCC "refine its approach" to avoid conflicts with copyright law and policy.
The letter comes after the FCC earlier this year voted to "unlock the box," hoping to spur innovation, competition, and choice by allowing anyone—from Apple to Netflix—to create devices or services that compete with traditional set-top boxes.

A swing vote at the regulatory agency talks about "real flaws" in the original plan and hints at support for an emerging alternative proposal from the cable industry.
Months of intense lobbying efforts from cable and content companies aghast at a proposed plan to inject competition into the cable television set-top box market could be paying off.

Major pay TV providers are offering to let viewers ditch their rented set-top boxes for streaming apps in an effort to avoid proposed regulations that would open up the market for the devices.
The “Ditch the Box” plan includes a binding commitment by the cable and satellite companies to make the apps available in two years on an open platform that would allow customers to use them on a variety of devices they already own or could purchase.
Content on the apps would be searchable, allowing consumers to look for shows across platforms, including streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, a major concession from the industry.
Source: (Pay TV providers offer plan to let viewers ditch set-top boxes for streaming apps. June 16, 2016.)

[Click on link for video.] Why Are Cable Companies Requiring Set-Top Boxes for Every TV? The Tech Guy 1104. Published on July 27, 2014. Source:

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