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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) Used To Explore Brain Conditions

What Can Virtual Reality Teach Us about Life with Brain Damage?

Thomas McMullan | July 6, 2016

[...] Gauntlett was violently mugged in 2007, and fell into a coma for three weeks. She suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the attack, and now lives with a neurological condition that encompasses short-term memory problems, as well as epileptic seizures.
Following the attack, Gauntlett worked extensively in theatre as a writer and producer. In 2011 she founded the In My Shoes project – something she describes as an, “ever-expanding library of interactive experiences”. The project’s first iteration, Waking in Slough, made use of audiovisual and early virtual-reality technology, as well as touch, taste and smell, to put audience members in Gauntlett’s position of waking up in Slough after a seizure, totally unsure of how she got there.
Since then, Gauntlett has worked with a number of subjects to create immersive experiences that aim to communicate the experience of living with conditions such as bipolar disorder, PTSD and brain damage from a stroke. The latest, and most technologically ambitious, of these is Dancing With Myself – a 360-degree film, made with the help of VR production company Visualise over the course of 12 days.

"A virtual-reality simulation done at a Stanford University lab prepares nervous subjects for speaking in front of a crowd." Source:

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