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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

To Create Wearables: Adafruit Flora Version 3 Development Board

New Adafruit Flora Version 3 Development Board Now Available (+Video)

Julian Horsey | July 11, 2016

[Blogger's note: If you are not familiar with Adafruit, spend some time at the website and enjoy the wide range of products, kits and ideas for a large range of small computers. See: Adafruit has numerous products at very nice prices for all kinds of hobby interests in electronics. For kids, there are many entry level ideas that won't break the bank. They have a number of add-on products for Raspberry Pi and Arduino among others, and many of the gadgets which can turn your small computer into a great playground. For young people just getting started, there is great project information and ideas, good very readable documentation, and lots of ideas on how to do more. Users forums show the popularity of the products and are good places to get detailed information and help. Lots of good links to other sites make this a really good starting point.]
Adafruit has this week made available the third generation of its awesome Adafruit Flora development board, making it available to purchase directly from the company’s online website priced at $14.95.
The circular Adafruit Flora has been specifically designed for Arduino wearable projects and is now even easier to prototype with the addition of crocodile clip compatible connections.

"Getting Started with FLORA, Adafruit's Wearables Platform." Source:

"This build‘s a great project for those of you with access to a 3d printer. It’s a teeny-weeny wearable camera which you can program to take a continuous stream or (more fun) use to take a time-lapse recording of your day." Source:

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