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Friday, July 22, 2016

Petition Urging Apple Not To Release Camera Jamming Technology

Petition Urges Apple Not to Release Technology for Jamming Phone Cameras

Apple got a patent for infrared technology for remotely disabling phone cameras

John Riberio | July 21, 2016

Over 11,000 people have signed a petition asking Apple not to deploy technology that would allow third parties like the police to use it to disable cameras on user phones under certain circumstances.
Apple got a patent for this infrared technology in June and bagging a patent does not necessarily mean that the company is going to use the technology in its new devices.
But there is considerable anxiety that the technology that appears designed to prevent people from recording copyrighted and prohibited material could also be used by the police to remotely disable cameras that could be recording misconduct by law enforcement.
“The release of this technology would have huge implications, including the censoring of political dissidents, activists, and citizens who are recording police brutality,” according to the petition.

[Click to Englarge] United States Patent Document Identifier: US 20150042819 A1, Publication Date:February 12, 2015. Source:,380,225&OS=9,380,225&RS=9,380,225
"Apple Phone Camera-Blocking Patent" (Apple’s patent would block phone cameras from capturing photos, video at concerts. July 1, 2016) Source:

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