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Friday, July 22, 2016

How Is Pricing For 3D Prints Calculated?

How Do Suppliers Calculate Pricing for 3D Prints?

James Smith | July 21, 2016

Q. I’ve looked at quotes for 3D printing from a few suppliers and there is a wide price difference between them.  Why is that?

A. This is a question I’m frequently asked by people who are looking at getting something 3D printed. Big differences in price between suppliers can be baffling, especially when the supplier who was cheapest for your last part inexplicably becomes the most expensive option for your next part.
As a co-founder of a 3D printing service that works with suppliers all over the world to provide 3D printing services using all major technologies, I’ve had more insight than most people into how commercial 3D printing is priced by different companies. The market is still fragmented, and it’s hard for customers to compare options between different technologies and suppliers, a problem we’ve solved by working with suppliers to create a single platform for comparing pricing across the industry.
I’ve written this article to share some of the insights I’ve gained on 3D printing pricing with you in order to help you understand what factors influence the price you see when you get a quote for 3D printing. We’ll cover the major factors that drive all production process, and dive deeper in the pricing factors for each of the major 3DP technologies.

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