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Friday, July 15, 2016

Terrapattern: Allows Pattern Search In Google Earth

Terrapattern Search Engine Finds Patterns in the Google Earth Landscape

Imagine Google Earth injected with AI capabilities, scanning geographical regions for specific visual features and patterns.

Eileen Brown | July 14, 2015

You can spend a long time searching satellite images for interesting locations. Now imagine a tool that can not only show you the location, but scans large geographical areas to find specific features that are similar, and then it presents these results in a pattern-like format.
In 2002, Carnegie Mellon's (CMU) School of Computer Science launched what it calls the world's "first PhD program in Machine Learning". It attempted to learn how to program systems to automatically learn and use its experience to improve its results.
A group of CMU professors and students have now created a visual search tool for satellite imagery called Terrapattern.


"By clicking on a tile in a satellite image, you can find other images with similar characteristics." Source:

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