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Monday, July 18, 2016

Is Virtual Reality (VR) The Best Pain Killer?

Better Than Opioids? Virtual Reality Could Be Your Next Painkiller

In one study, virtual reality did about as well as narcotics in reducing pain

Rachel Metz | July 18, 2016

Not so far in the future, your doctor might prescribe playing a few games in virtual reality to ease aches and pains, rather than popping a pill.
That’s Matthew Stoudt’s hope, anyway. He’s the CEO of AppliedVR, a startup that’s building a library of virtual-reality content for alleviating pain and anxiety before, during, and after medical procedures. The company is working with hospitals and doctors to get patients using the technology on Samsung’s Gear VR headset and to study its effectiveness as well.

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  1. Virtual reality (VR) has been used to manage pain and distress associated with a wide variety of known painful medical procedures. In clinical settings and experimental studies, participants immersed in VR experience reduced levels of pain, general distress/unpleasantness and report a desire to use VR again during painful medical procedures.

    Virtual Reality