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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fighting Piracy: Google Removed 523,000,000 Pirate URLs In 2016

How Google Fights Piracy? 523,000,000 Pirate Links Removed In 2016

Copyright holders running after pirates is not a new tune to our ears. Google, the biggest search engine provider on the planet, publishes regular reports of their fight against removing pirated content. They’ve managed to blank out around 523 million links from Google Search this year and will continue to remove more of them in the coming months.

Aditya Tiwari | July 20, 2016

The 2016 version of ‘How Google fights Piracy’ report throws light on the activities on the copyright-holding pirate hunters around the world. Google publishes the report every year to summarize the operations they’ve conducted to remove pirate links and other copyrighted material from their database and search results.
Google gets millions of pirate link takedown requests per week. You’ll be flabbergasted to know that the takedown requests made per week outnumber the total removal requests Google received between 1998 and 2010. The reason behind this tremendous explosion in the pirate link takedown is the intensifying awareness among copyright holders and that the amount of pirated content on the internet has escalated many folds, burping the potential revenue which has made its way to the bank account of the creators of that content.

Responding to the How Google Fights Piracy, 2016 Update Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive BPI [British Phonographic Industry] & BRIT Awards, commented.
“This report looks a lot like “greenwash”. Although we welcome the measures Google has taken so far, it is still one of the key enablers of piracy on the planet. Google has the resources and the tech expertise to do much more to get rid of the illegal content on its services. If Google is sincere about fostering creativity online, it will now commit to implement new measures that will effectively protect artists from sites and apps that rip off their work, and help more fans get their content legally.” 

Last week, the number of URLs requested to be removed from Google Search were 19,204,517. That’s for just a week. What would be the figure for the year passed till now?


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