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Friday, July 15, 2016

Google Data Studio

A First Look at Google Data Studio

Ben Jones | July 2, 2016

{Note: for another example of a website stats dashboard made with Google Data Studio, see David Murphy’s Datasaurus Rex blog post.}
I’ve been playing around a little with Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio is the free version of Google’s data visualization product Data Studio 360. It’s currently in beta as of the time of writing, and it lets you create up to 5 reports from connections to Google sources (like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, AdWords, YouTube). You can share these reports with others who can either view or edit them depending on how you configure them, just like how you’d do it with Google Docs.
Now, I work for Tableau, but I’ve always written about different data viz tools on this site. I also teach data visualization theory at University of Washington. I teach students in my class how to use a growing number of free data visualization tools like Tableau Public, Plotly, Quadrigram and R. Lisa Charlotte Rost recently wrote a great blog post comparing 12 of these tools which I recommend you read. The number of tools is growing every year.


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