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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Future Of Old, Polluting Power Plants

What Happens to Old Polluting Power Plants? Italy Has an Answer

Jessica Shankleman | July 13, 2016

Italy has 22 old fossil-fuel power plants to sell, and Inc. may be interested.
Enel SpA, which is the nation’s biggest utility, plans to close 13 gigawatts of power stations fired by coal, natural gas and oil as part of a shift toward renewables, said Enrico Viale, the head of thermal power generation. Rather than razing them, the Rome-based company looking for developers to turn the sites into shopping malls, medical facilities or high-tech facilities.
“We don’t have the capability and the knowledge to find a new industrial use,” Viale said in an interview at Bloomberg’s office in London. “If there’s still a possibility to produce energy in a different way, we’ll develop the project, but if it’s not energy use, it’s not our business.”

"Enel coal power plant project in Porto Tolle, Italy" Source: ("The Enel thermoelectric power plant of Porto Tolle is located on the Polesine Camerini Island at the Pila mouth of the Po (one of the Po River´s main mouths), in the middle of the Po Delta Regional Park (established in 1997) and at the border with a Special Protection Area and a Site of Community Importance [1]. Enel wants to convert the station currently using fuel oil to a coal-fired power plant.")

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