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Monday, July 11, 2016

Researchers Store 200MB Of Data On Molecular Strands

Researchers Store 200MB of Data on Molecular Strands (+Video)

Shane McGlaun | July 8. 2016

Microsoft and researchers from the University of Washington have set a new record and reached a milestone in DNA storage. The team has been able to store 200MB of data on the molecular strands of DNA. Just as interesting as setting a new record for data capacity is the fact that the stored data took up a tiny amount of space described as "much smaller than the tip of a pencil."
Once the scientists devise a method of scaling the technology up, DNA storage promises to allow you to store all the public data on the internet in a device the size of a shoebox or all the data in a massive data center in the size of a few sugar cubes. 

"UW Associate Professor Luis Henrique Ceze, in blue, and research scientist Lee Organick prepare DNA containing digital data for sequencing, which allows them to read and retrieve the original files." Source:

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