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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Google Glass Is Alive And Well At Boeing

Assembling Airplanes with Google Glass 

Andrew Wheeler | July 20, 2016

Google may not have hit a home run with consumers for its science-fiction-made-reality Google Glass but the Internet giant is not giving up on it entirely.  Google may now be focusing on industrial applications for it.
Google fans may remember that as part of the race to make the most popular smartphone, Google turned its attention to the now-ubiquitous Android platform, which conveniently appeared shortly after Eric Schmidt joined Apple’s board in 2006.

"The Skylight app works by allowing a Glass wearer to scan a QR code, which pulls the wireless harness software, and then scan another code to load the assembly instructions. The app supports Glass voice commands, and also lets users stream what they're seeing to another technician in the event of something unexpected." Source:
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