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Monday, July 18, 2016

We May See iPhone Apps On Windows 10

Microsoft Paving the Way for Bringing iPhone Apps on Windows 10

Ali Raza | July 18, 2016

Microsoft launched Project Islandwood, which is aimed at helping to port iOS apps to Windows 10 devices and is supposed to act as an important bridge in the process. The Windows 10 devices will include both PCs and Smartphones, and the company is exploring more ways to make the process easier and to encourage developers for the same.
It has been one year since the launch of Project Islandwood and now the company has announced the introduction of new APIs and UIKit support, it has been done to curb the problem where the developers faced problem in migrating to XAML. 

(Microsoft Posts Guide On iOS App Conversion With Project Islandwood. December 2, 2015) Source:

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