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Monday, July 25, 2016

Watching 3D Movies In The Movie Theater Without Special Glasses

Scientists Create Flasses-Free 3D for the Movie Theater (+Video)

You wouldn't have to don awkward eyewear to watch the latest blockbuster

Jon Fingas | July 25, 2016

Watching glasses-free 3D on a TV is no longer an outlandish concept, but that hasn't been true for movie theaters. How are you supposed to create the same parallax effect for everyone, whether they're up front or way in the back? Researchers at MIT CSAIL and Israel's Weizmann Institute for Science finally have a practical answer. Their Cinema 3D tech creates multiple parallax barriers in a single display, using lenses and mirrors to deliver a range of angles across the whole theater. And unlike previous attempts at large-scale glasses-free 3D, you don't have to take a hit to resolution.

"Seeing 3D films in theaters isn't my most popular selection for a bunch of causes, however the glasses undoubtedly rank amongst its most annoying options." Source:

"Cinema 3D's physical display." Source:

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